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20 Brilliant Bookshelves for Modern Bookworms

As the famous saying goes, I like big books and I cannot lie . Even though we may take in most of our reading via an iPad or Kindle these days, we are still bookworms at heart. The warmth and character of a well-worn or brand new book is hard to beat. But those books of yours need a good home. Here are 20 unusual bookshelves that just might fit the bill.

1. Custom Made Wooden Book Rack ($210): How awesome is this? Best of all, the hanging part doubles as a bookmark.

2. Conceal Shelf ($35): We love the quirky curve of this Umbra shelf.

3. Red Balance Bookshelf ($175): Loving the industrial red look – we’re definitely bookmarking this for Brit HQ.

4. Library Tree Branch (contact to order): A tree of branches grows in your home? 🙂

5. Simple Shelf ($20): Do the robots come with?

6. Floating Book Shelf ($13): This classic invisible shelf is great for any space. We love the idea of using a bunch to create a wall installation of books.

7. Deadgood Bookshelf ($80): Hot pink always wins in our book.

8. T.Shelf ($840): That price is not a typo – pretty hefty for a bookshelf but we really dig the design.

9. Equation (concept): Such a cute take on the most aesthetically pleasing parts of math.

10. Flatliner Zig Zag ($75): This rustic zig zag would be a great bedside companion if you’re trying to maximize a small space.

11. Batman Bookshelf ($170): That’s right. Batman in bookshelf form. #win

12. Chuck Flexible Bookshelf (contact to order): This beautiful piece can be pushed and pulled to accommodate any size books (or objects) you like.

13. Nero Shelf ($250): It’s like an ink blot meets a drip-painting, and somehow it looks modern.

14. Typographic Bookshelf ($980): You know we’ve got a weakness for typographic decor.

15. Branch Shelf ($232): For a littler tree, we love this option.

16. Magneto Shelves (concept): If you’ve got a metal wall or a large fridge, these are magnetic shelves. Awesome.

17. Check Bookshelf (concept): We can’t wait for this check to hit the market.

18. United States Bookshelf (concept): Perhaps you could organize books by author’s hometown? Or by where the story takes place?

19. Spiral Bookshelf ($450): Another pricey one, this playful spiral is perfect for a kid’s room.

20. Floating Triangle ($75): And last, a floating triangle. We might have to DIY this one in the near future – stay tuned!