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Nigeria fashion: What are wedding dress styles for 2016?

Do you plan to get married this fall and you have no idea what style of a wedding dress you should choose to impress your loved one and all the guest? Then take a look at the latest trends for Nigerian wedding dresses in 2016. Learn the list of our tips and tricks to find out what for a dress you have to wear to be unforgettable.


There are different styles actual now starting from huge 3D flowers or on dresses and ending with completely transparent silhouettes. There are not so many new wedding clothes designs and fabrics in this year, more so most of fashion designers featured old and well known silhouettes. So let’s start with the most trendy outfits.


Lace forever.

Do you love lace? Every girl does. It is the most favorite wedding fabric loved by all the women worldwide. And this holds true for Naija as well. Latest trends show us that lace is actual for a marriage dress style in 2016. Choose the eternal lace style and you can be sure you will always look elegant and mysteriously. Lace look very feminine and emphasize girl’s tenderness. This tissue is so attractive that you can meet in every wedding party. However, its biggest advantage is it looks always chick and perfect on different women, doesn’t matter if it was for a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid. Lace can be embroidered with floral or geometric ornaments, and made in various colors. So you will surely find some fabulous lace dress for yourself.


Naked truth.

Sheer silhouettes are still in trends. It is no wonder why. The transparent dress gives you this chick of being both dressed and naked. It looks enigmatic and appealing. The girl in a sheer dress will get a lot of attention because she looks like a secret a man has to guess. Designers like this illusion of making visible and at the same time invisible dresses. Brides in such wedding outfits look very sensual and gentle.


Layered beauty.

Layers are still trendy now. You can choose a column silhouette or a big fluffy skirt. Layers will make your look more feminine by adding a needed volume wherever it is needed. You can see this trend by such famous fashion designers as Oscar de la Renta or Jean Paul Gaultier.


Do you want anything unusual?

Then asymmetrical dresses and skirts are just right for you. Asymmetric is in vogue now. With this trick, designers create optical illusions and emphasize certain parts of a body. For example, asymmetric can help you to show your beautiful legs. This style is good for textured space dresses and classic weddings outfits.


Don’t hide your shoulders.

Off-the-shoulders silhouettes will always be popular by brides of Nigeria. These amazing dresses show beautiful shoulders and make a neck visually longer. In a couple with a thin belt on your waist, you will look like a doll in this type of a wedding dress. Choose a fluffy dress or a tight outfit to pay attention to your posture.

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Pay attention to the texture.

There were a lot of feminine little and huge 3D flowers on the best runways of the world. Some were decorated with crystals and beads.


Pure and clear.

Minimalism is also in trend. One monochrome dresses, simple silhouettes are a hit now. It is a pattern from 90’s. However, 30’s are still modern as well with their super thin shapes, spaghetti straps and draped outfits.


Naked back.

It looks very elegant and so feminine when your dress is long and discreet, but it has no back.


Make it longer!

Long fishtails are more than actual for a real wedding dress. Nigeria wedding fashion futures many amazing super long dresses and skirts of bridesmaid that make the occasion even more special.

Don’t forget about your hair. You can use imitation jewelry to decorate it. There are also common African bijoutries for decorating of your legs, arms, and a forehead. Your hairstyle, your bouquet of flowers, your shoes and of course, a bridal veil – all have to be in a harmony with your dress. And a bride has to look like the second half of her future husband. All the little details are important and have to be well balanced to look perfectly.


Love Africa.

You can use traditional Africans patterns on your wedding closes. It looks just perfect when a couple wears wedding clothing made from the same fabric. The idea of wearing similar color shows other people you are a real couple, just two halves of the one big love.


It is very romantic and will surely impress all the guests. If you have little kids, you can dress them the same. And don’t afraid to choose big bright patterns. They look beautiful.