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What are the most fashionable bridesmaid hairstyles in 2016?

All the girls want to look stunning, especially at such an event like a wedding. Of course, a bride-to-be is always in the center of attention. However, a bridesmaid should look awesome as well. Here are the most interesting and trendy hairstyles for bridesmaids in 2016.


Bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair.

If you have an amazing long hair, you can make bounced big curls and look like a wedding goddess. Part your hair in the center and create extra volume curls. Use a hairspray to make your hair stay well fixed the entire event. This hairstyle is especially suitable for you if you have a layered haircut. In this case, your hair will look very volume and angelic. And don’t worry about the shape of your face. The hairstyle for long hair with center-parted waves is perfect for any face and makes any bridesmaid look like a runway model of Victoria’s Secret Show. Use a little trick to look even more stunning: curl your tresses that are close to your face outwards to make them look like two open angel’s wings.


Side-swept bridesmaid hairstyles for long and medium hair.

If you want to become an eye-catcher of any event, make a look with side-swept curls. This hairstyle is very feminine and opens your beautiful neck. Create elegant old Hollywood like barrel curls and finish your look with big earrings. Side parted hairstyles with waves are very romantic and suits to every woman. If you want to look younger, wear a natural makeup, and if you wish to look more dramatic, use a deep red lipstick, false eyelashes and don’t forget about a deep decollete.


Braid the top of your hair and curl all the other hair. You can add big stones necklace or chandelier earrings to make your look even more feminine.


You can experiment with different braided hairstyles. If you have a shoulder lengths hair, create a braid around your head. Bridesmaid hairstyle with braids is even more eye-catching when you decorate it with flowers, stones, beads, and jewels. And your braid can be messy for example like you are just from bed. Nude shadows and a pink lipstick will help you to look young and natural. Don’t be afraid to experiment! A wedding is a perfect occasion to use your fantasy and create a fairytale look.

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Braided bun, long curly braids with bangs or braids mixed with curls create a real wedding look and are ideal bridesmaid hairstyles 2016. Don’ forget about your lipstick: bold lip color and playful curls make you look fresh and fantastic.


Pulled back hairstyle.

This classic wedding hairstyle is eternal and always in vogue, and it is actual in 2016.


You can pull back straight or weave hair to create this traditional updo for a bridesmaid. You can add big jewels and hair accessories to finish the whole style.


Bridesmaid hairstyles in Nigeria: tales.

Tale is a hairstyle, which is easy to make even at home, so if you are low on money, you can create this updo and still look beautiful. Slick ponytail or a wavy tail make you look feminine and elegant. Another variation: if your hair is styled in many little braids, just create a low ponytail. Natural bridesmaid looks are in trend in 2016, so you will be very fashionable.


Big bans are a wedding hairstyle 2016.

A bun can help in a situation when you have to create a hairstyle for a very special occasion.


Retro is always in style.

Get a retro look with retro curls. Create well-shaped curls by using strong hairspray and enjoy a lot of male attention. Finish your elegant and chick look with a necklace and a retro makeup: dark lipsticks and false lashes will help you to look unforgettable.

It can look romantic or dramatic and fresh and chick. A lot depends on accessories you use and how much slick it is. Combine your wedding ban with soft curls or a bang and you will look breathtaking.


High hairdos are still in trend.

You can make a high hairdo and it will look really solemnly, how it should be at a wedding. Don’t forget to decorate your hair with barrettes, flowers or chains. You can use even pearls or some other stones to make it look even more festively.

Now you know latest bridesmaid hairstyles in Nigeria. There are many hear styles for every girl. Choose the one you like and shine like a star at any wedding.